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Women’s Health Summit ‘Pregnancy & Cannabis’ Panel

So excited for the Women’s Health Summit on November 30th at the Hitman Coffee Shop in Los Angeles. I have been working very hard organizing this event! Locked down quality brands and speakers to educate, spread awareness, and provide alternative and resources for the attendees.

You got questions? We got answers!

I would first like to introduce the Pregnancy and Cannabis Panelist! 

Keira Fae Sumimoto

Founder of Pregnancy & Cannabis, Cannabis Educator, Influencer 

Keira joined the cannabis industry with one simple goal: to educate. After using cannabis to treat her illness in 2015, she gained a passion for teaching anyone interested in making the switch from pills to pot.

In 2016, Keira collaborated with Weedmaps to produce a cannabis cooking show called “Cooking with Keira.” The show focused on teaching patients about proper dosing, how to infuse edibles, and other useful tips. Shortly after, she began working on another educational show called “The Cannabis Pot” that focused on educating new patients to cannabis and all of its benefits.

Immediately after discovering that she was pregnant, Keira looked into the use of cannabis while pregnant, but found nothing practical. Studies were very limited and only provided subjective opinions without scientific evidence. Frustrated and concerned, Keira decided to quit consuming cannabis until more research became available. In an effort to gain attention to the issue, she started a Facebook group called “Pregnant and Cannabis.” A safe place for mothers, expecting mothers, and those who are interested in the general topic.

The consumption of cannabis while pregnant is a very controversial. Keira is neither for nor against the use of cannabis for expecting mothers and mothers who breastfeed. She is an advocate for information on safe practices backed by science.

Kelley U. Bruce

Executive Director of 

In 2010 Kelly Bruce was raising her daughter alone living in the beautiful mountains of Breckenridge Colorado teaching children to ski for Vail Resorts. On NYE she was hit by a drunk driver and suffered injuries to her lower back and neck.

These injuries would ultimately end her skiing profession, sending her on the path of pharmaceutical pain management. After a horrible out of body experience one night on Ambien; she decided there had to be a better way to manage the pain and still be able to have the confidence to be an effective parent.
She was not only able to completely manage pain to the point of not even needing Advil, but she was able to come off of other medications for medical conditions such as ADD and Major Depressive Disorder. She was amazed at how versatile the plant was in alleviating ailments. She became quite outspoken about the benefits; advocating for the various ways to use it. In 2012 someone reported her medical use to Child Protective Services. Kelly openly and willingly admitted she was a medical patient and using cannabis to treat medical conditions. She believed her choice with direction and care of her doctors were better than using the prescription drugs.

The state disagreed with her choice to consume a schedule 1 illicit drug, even while under her legal right to the state, and Kelly was founded of her charges. She fought. Hard; appealing the court’s ruling. After a 2 year probation, all charges were dropped. This experience is what sparked a fire inside Kelly that has grown into


Kaycee Cuesta 

Activist/Owner of The Cannavist Mom 

Kaycee Cuesta started using cannabis medicinally at the age of twenty-four and already the mother of two. Suffering several miscarriages it was a long journey getting to her three beautiful children. At twenty-six Kaycee found herself a new cannabis user and pregnant, she continued to use cannabis throughout her pregnancy when she noticed a dramatic difference from her prior pregnancies. Kaycee had her healthiest pregnancy delivering her healthiest baby. Today she advocates for cannabis choosing moms asking to #NormalizeCannabis. Her mission to make it known that cannabis is a legitimate option helping moms medicinally as well as giving them a safer way to wind down recreationally. “Mommy needs a joint should be just a socially acceptable as mommy needs a glass of wine” & Mommy also needs some relief for legitimate medical problems.

Get your tickets here: (Early Bird price still available!) 


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