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Women’s Health Summit – LA

Boss ladies are taking the Cannabis industry by storm and for good reason. OUR HEALTH! We should have a voice. We should be able to choose plant-based medicines. It should be our choice to use plants over pills and that is the focus at the Women’s Health Summit at the Hitman Coffee Shop in Los Angeles on November 30th at 7 pm.

Hosted by one of my favorite Boss Ladies in the cannabis space and creator of educational blog “Pregnancy and Cannabis,” Keira Fae Sumimoto’s goal is “for mothers to feel safe, comfortable and well informed when it comes to using cannabis as their alternative medicine.” While cannabis should be used as a preventative and alternative medicine, we must continue to learn, educate, inspire and most importantly, to bring this community together.

Keira is an inspiring young woman who jumped right into the Cannabis world and hit the ground running! She is a beautiful soul with a lot of drive and determination. I picked up on her resilient energy right away when I began following her journey through social media at the beginning of this year. Keira sought cannabis to treat an illness she faced back in 2014 which led her to become a cannabis chef and educator in this space.

When she became pregnant early this year she wanted to know if cannabis would be a good source of medicine during pregnancy but found a lack of substantive research regarding this issue. So now Keira is creating a platform to explore this topic with other Boss Lady organizations such as Cannamommy, the Cannavist-mom, Utopia, HalfLit, Made from Dirt and others.

Cannamommy founder Kelley U. Bruce says, “I feel deeply that by sharing and opening up the lines of communication we can bridge the gap between our legal rights to use plants over pills.

Founder of my forever favorite edible line Utopia, Emily Bercow says, “cannabis gives women the option to choose something that will not cause side effects and promotes health holistically.” 

Danielle Oliveira created her topical brand Made from Dirt while pregnant and working cannabis events. As she recounts, “many people came up to me surprised that I was still working while pregnant in the cannabis industry. I’m really hoping to normalize cannabis and pregnancy.” 

We have much to learn from this incredible plant and for most of us, our journey has just begun,” said the ladies of HalfLit. “We’re honored to be in attendance at an event that’s giving agency to women to better understand how cannabis plays a role in our life.”

Women are becoming more involved in the cannabis community every day. We are seeing the matriarchy of this plant come alive and awaken the strong-willed, resilient women of the cannabis society. We must continue the education of this alternative plant medicine and teach more women how to use cannabis as a preventative herb in their everyday regimen. This is the point of the Women’s Health Summit and we hope to see you there!

Get your Tickets here: Women’s Health Summit 2017 in Los Angeles (EventBrite)

Written by: Brookylnn Gaines

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