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So excited for the Women’s Health Summit on November 30th at the Hitman Coffee Shop in Los Angeles. Locked down quality brands and speakers to educate, spread awareness, and provide alternative and resources for the attendees.

You got questions? We got answers!

I would like to introduce our Featured Speakers! 

-Celia Behar-

Celia Behar President of The Lil’ Mamas, Counselor/Life Coach @thelilmamas @theceliabehar
Celia is currently the president of The Lil’ Mamas – the no-holds-barred, judgment-free, mom website where no topic is off limits! She writes and reviews #lilmamaapproved products, events, and venues for the site. She was recently named one of Los Angeles’ “Top Bloggers” by OK! Magazine. Celia was one of 150 viewers chosen to go to Australia with Oprah where she learned she was pregnant with her second child! She was featured on the show when she and Oprah announced her pregnancy and was later featured in O Magazine as one of The Hardest Working Women in America. Several of Celia’s blogs have been featured on other sites including Huffington Post, TheDailyDot, Buzzfeed, and BlogHer. Celia recently ‘came out’ as one of the first moms to openly admit that she uses cannabis to treat her PPD on Yahoo News.


-Al Morentin-

Al Morentin CEO of @movidaoils
Founder/Owner at My Fit Life, a premiere Holistic Health & Wellness Company, Since 2001. After going blind due to Glaucoma and getting his vision back with Cannabis Oils he Founded MOVIDA in 2016. MOVIDA is an Urban Lifestyle Brand Providing Therapeutic Grade Supplements & Wild Crafted Superfoods to Help You to Help You Look Better, Feel Better, & Live Better than You Ever Imagined Possible. Al has dedicated his life to spreading the good word about Alternative & Holistic Therapies and will continue to do so with the many therapeutic benefits of Cannabis.


-Sailene Ossman-

Sailene Ossman Hostess of Merry Jane

Years ago, Sailene Ossman, who Rolling Stone calls “the feminist cannabis guru of Southern California,” discovered the medicinal potential of marijuana the hard way — as a patient. After a debilitating automobile accident left her broken and in pain, it was instrumental in her long recovery and started a lifelong exploration of its healing abilities.

Since then, medical cannabis has been validated and legalized, and Sailene has become an activist and advocate. She works tirelessly for patient rights and access to safe, effective medicine, and regularly speaks to seniors, high-risk populations, and politicians. In addition, she has helped launch Ganja Goddess Getaways, a series of upscale women’s retreats promoting radical self-love and empowerment fueled by the power of this amazing plant.





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