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The Shock Factor

Unfortunately, to share the real effect of this picture, I used it as the photo of this blog entry, but doing even that I feel I am giving this picture attention it doesn’t deserve.

I have seen this picture before and have had a few people reach out to me wanting to hear my thoughts on what I like to call “The Shock Factor”. I remember when I first saw this picture my first reaction was… well… shock. I do not support the use of cannabis while pregnant/breastfeeding nor am I against the use of cannabis while pregnant/breastfeeding, I am for what makes sense, backed by science, and is over all the healthiest and safest choice for the mother and her child. If cannabis is a safe and healthy alternative for expecting mothers, and mothers that is fantastic and also give me a joint! (Currently: 6.5 months pregnant)

This being said, I do not approve this picture. It seems irresponsible, inconsiderate, and attention seeking. Reading this article further, I know that the Mother Kayla Marlow, is having issues after posting this photo and even deleted her profile (along with her friend in the photo holding the bong) to avoid the growing criticism.

This all boils down to the bottom line and logic. You do not smoke cigarettes in front of your child when breastfeeding, you do not drink alcohol when breastfeeding, and you do not take bong rips when breastfeeding. There are so many factors, one of the main ones is second hand smoke, the chance of losing your grip on the bong, the cherry shooting up… some more far fetched, but you get the idea. As a mother you should avoid all these risk factors and just not do it if there is a chance of an accident or unwanted exposure.


If you do choose to smoke, I would recommend a more discreet approach, in designated room, outside away from your children. There are other forms of consumption like edibles or vaping if you are worried about second hand smoke. I just don’t see the logic behind this photo. If you disagree with me, feel free to comment below. I am open to other opinions and points of view.

Say Article: Facebook erupts in fury after mother shares a shocking photo of herself smoking from a BONG – while breastfeeding her newborn baby


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