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Personal: Entering the Third Trimester

Picture above: Sums up my life for the next three months.  

Today is the first day of my third trimester! I have made it this far and ‘growing’ impatient. I am looking forward in meeting with the little one I have been so close with for the past three months, but know nothing about. I think, What’s her favourite colour? What will she sound like and will she take after me or my husband? I guess this is all part of the journey.


I was so sure on her name, but after interacting with her and my husband being able to feel her kicking and presence, we feel another name to suit her. With two names on the table, we wont know for sure until we see her when the day comes. She is due: December 31st!

Yes, on New Years Eve!

I still have three months to go and so much to do! Keeping myself active and busy is what I am focusing on now. It is almost time and I want her to have all of my attention. so, in the mean time… Let’s get shit done!

Very excited for my interview next week. I hope to schedule at least 1-2 interviews a month.

Personal Log out! 


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