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 “What is your opinion on  Cannabis consumption while pregnant?”


 “What is your opinion on  Cannabis consumption while pregnant?”

I get this question a lot! Most are surprised by my answer and some even judge me for it. I have been advocating the Pregnancy & Cannabis ever since I found out I was pregnant.  I began using Cannabis a few years ago as a substitute for my prescribed pharmaceuticals and initially thought I could do the same to relieve those classic pregnancy symptoms. As I researched the subject further, I began second guessing myself. I did not find my answers…feeling very unsatisfied, I decided not to consume.

So, to answer the question: 

I am not for the use of cannabis while pregnant nor am I against the use while pregnant… and here’s why. I do not have concrete evidence that proves cannabis consumption while pregnant and even breast feeding is “safe”. Yes, studies have been conducted and conclusions drawn, both for and against the use. I am not satisfied with the studies conducted thus far, I believe there to be too many variables to accurately answer the question: “is it safe?” Since I started my venture, many parents, mothers, and moms to be have shared their stories with me and to my surprise almost all have consumed while pregnant. Great news is their children are happy, healthy, and show no side effects from the ‘exposure’ of cannabis during the fetal development/ breast feeding.

What I advocate for is Choice, Education, and Awareness. Many drugs prescribed to expecting mothers and mothers suffering from postpartum depression have side effects and are harmful to fetal development, this has been proven. So far, cannabis shows no side effects that are noticeably detectable. With that, I believe it should be the mothers choice on whether or not she wishes to treat her symptoms with a natural source or a synthetic source.

What do you think? I can go on and on about this topic. I would like to hear your thoughts. 

I am so excited to share ‘The Introduction: Pregnancy & Cannabis’ interviews with everyone. I got a lot of great information with my first interview and look forward to many more! I will keep you all updated on when I’ll be uploading the interview to my Channel.

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