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It’s a Girl!

Welcoming Lily Fae Sumimoto to the world! Born December 20th at 5lb 14oz💖👶🌹 I was feeling contractions, which initially I thought were Braxton Hicks…in the early morning of Dec. 20th and towards the evening decided to rush to the hospital because they were roughly 4 to 5 minutes apart and getting more intense. As I checked in, my water immediately broke, gave birth about 5 hours later. I ended up using an epidural but it started to kick in as I was giving birth… so I had a 50/50 birthing experience. Half epi and half natural.
The most painful and rewarding experience I have ever had and she was worth every second of it and more.

Apologises for not updating my blog as frequently, this month has been an absolute whirlwind and ever since the Women’s Health Summit I decided to tend to my very pregnant self and slow down. I initially thought I was going into labour 2 weeks early but after she was born the doctors confirmed Lily was 41 weeks! I was overdue! Which explains why I slowed down so much in December. lol =) #superpreggers

I plan on getting back to work once I build a routine with Lily, her schedule is my schedule but my work is also very important to me. I have no doubt I’ll b able to balance the two.

Happy December! For whichever holiday you celebrate I wish you a happy end to 2017 and a glorious beginning of 2018! Next year is going to be amazing with all sorts of changes and additions. I am looking forward to my journey as a mother and am so grateful for my early x-mas present #LilyFae 🎁🎄👶
Love & Peace Y’all!


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