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The Introduction: Pregnancy & Cannabis



Happy Monday! I have a project that is in the works and I am so excited to share! I will be writing a book on ‘The Introduction: Pregnancy & Cannabis’🤰 I am very excited to start this project and share my findings as well as streamline Information.

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The Journey:

I am a mom to be and after researching and finding little to no information on the subject pregnancy and cannabis, I decided to streamline the little information I could find and also get doctors, doulas, and mid-wives involved. I am very excited to start interviewing professionals as well as moms and moms to be, it will all start with anecdotal information. I know the demand for this knowledge is out there, but the unknowns are just too abundant and fear too real. I hope this book with help educated, inform, and begin a movement not only in the cannabis space, but for women’s health in general.

Don’t knock it till you studied it.

Just like how Cannabis is helping cure, relieve, and heal numerous aliments, why not for pregnancy. Just because we don’t know the answers doesn’t mean we should dismiss the idea completely based on out dated theories and propaganda. It is time to rise above that and start asking questions. The modern day mom doesn’t have anytime to waste on trivial nonsense.


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Very excited to start writing this book, stay tuned for more information on it contents and also the Kickstarter Campaign. 


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