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Hospitals or Midwives…

😐Sitting here at the lovely OB office………….


I always wonder if I should have worked with a midwife instead of “traditional methods”… I never liked hospitals, they always made me feel uneasy. I now that if I do plan on having another baby, I will have a midwife, I prefer the customized care they provide compared to the cookie cutter method but my baby girl is happy, healthy, and on track so I can’t complain. In the end that is really all that matters.

💖Baby update!💖
I am now 35.5 weeks #preggers and everything is going smoothly. Baby is measuring around 33 weeks, so she is a little small but beautifully developed and healthy. #monpetitebebeÂ đŸ‘¶đŸ’ž The nurses are acting surprised that I am so exhausted… 😑I believe it to be normal to be so tired at this stage of my pregnancy. 😋Excited to leave the OB and get me a hamburger! #habitburger🍔🍟 #addictedÂ đŸ¶ the puppy filter is adorable, I couldn’t resist.

This is Cedrec, my husband and I out for lunch at an all you can eat Brazilian  BBQ! #GreenFeildLongBeach 

The Women’s Health Summit is tomorrow at the Hitman Coffee Shop and I am soooo excited! Put a lot of effort into making this event happen. After the Summit I will take a well-deserved break and focus on the end of my pregnancy and be getting ready to welcome my baby girl into the world!



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