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  1. Most deal with the depressions through prescribed medication like SSRIs and antidepressants. But some women are turning to cannabis as a way to cope with their depression. One such mother is Celia Behar, who has become a de facto spokeswomen for postpartum depression and cannabis usage. 💚Celia will be one of the featured speakers at the Women’s Health Summit speaking more on Cannabis & Postpartum.


2. Dr. Stacey Kerr discusses the controversial topic of cannabis use during pregnancy and gives highlights from her clinical experience with expecting mothers.


  • Cannabis use may alleviate the sometimes devastating symptoms of morning sickness and other pregnancy-related issues.
  • The endocannabinoid system is essential to the growth of the fetus and survival of a newborn.
  • There is limited evidence for pregnancy complications caused by cannabis and insufficient evidence for adverse neonatal outcomes.
  • Decisions about cannabis use during pregnancy must be made with a clear understanding of why and how it is being used, with careful decisions about delivery methods, dosing, and the maximum purity of products.

3. That’s a common trope these days: Moms drink wine. Lots of wine, from the sound of it. Motherhood is hard, and nothing makes hard stuff easier than sipping a little rosé and watching Netflix. We know it, everyone knows it. Boozy moms are a thing, especially boozy millennial moms.


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