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Carla D’Addesi Potential Candidate for a P&C interview?

I think I found someone I’d like to interview on the opposing side! 

Her name is Carla D’Addesi to learn more about Carla click here

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I reached out to Carla D’Addesi and look forward in picking her brain on why she is so opposed to cannabis consumption for moms and moms to be. Hopefully, she will be willing to share the data she has collected and studies that I seem to not have access too. I haven’t found a legitimate study that verifies the dangers of cannabis consumption while pregnant or breastfeeding. I look forward to hearing from Carla and excited to see the information she has to support her strong feelings against cannabis and mothers that consume.

(Click image to be direct to the video) 

I haven’t interviewed someone on the opposing side of cannabis consumption for mothers and mothers to be yet but believe Carla to be the perfect candidate. She isn’t camera shy and seems to be very willing in sharing her opinions.

I do hope she reaches back out, would love to pick her brain.


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One response to “Carla D’Addesi Potential Candidate for a P&C interview?”

  1. Brittany says:

    I’ll be sharing your article with the cannavist mother who the interview Carla was referring to was about!