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Something I have been looking into more and more. ‘Cannabis consumption while breastfeeding’. I always make the joke that, I am going to smoke a fat blunt with delicious organic flower, wax, and rolled in kief after delivery. #MasterBlunt Just like with consumption while pregnant I am curious on the effects of course when consuming and breast feeding. My research seems to be developing along with my pregnancy. #24weekspregnant


Stumbling on study after study I am noticing that there seems to be more research on the topic of breastfeeding compared to consumption while pregnant and correct me if I’m wrong, but the stigma seems to be not as…”severe”. Of course, the stigma is still very much there, but walking around with a baby bump and even wearing a t-shirt with the leaf, I seem to get some nasty stares… haha! #canthelpbutlaugh

I wonder what it will be like wearing my Leafly hat or Weedmaps shirt with a baby sitting on my hip? #soon


Do any of my ladies have experience with breastfeeding and cannabis consumption? Feel free to comment your experiences down below or you can email me. 

If you have any articles you would like to recommend, please paste the link in the comment box. I am always looking.

Here are a few articles I was reading earlier this morning: – Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

NCBI – Marijuana use and Breast Feeding 

Broadly. Vice – Women Who Breastfeed Are Shamed for Smoking Weed. – New Colorado Study wants Breast feeding and Cannabis Participants



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