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Articles on Pregnancy & Cannabis ( & ProjectCBD)


I read a lot of articles… I mean a lot of articles. That is basically how I start my mornings. Wake up at 9:00am, make some tea, and whip open the laptop. There are numerous articles out there on the topic pregnancy and cannabis, but I haven’t found many that are neutral when it comes to consumption for a pregnant or a breast feeding mother. Most are either for or against the use of cannabis, give you a list of reasons why and don’t have references to back up their judgmental claims. I do however, find those few gems that give a very stimulating argument and also have references and prior studies to at least serve as a foundation for theories and speculation. Here are my two personal favourite articles that I seem to go back to, re- read and reference myself when discussing Pregnancy & Cannabis. 

1. Marijuana And Pregnancy #3: What Happens Inside The Womb


2. Cannabis Use During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? 

Would love to hear your thoughts on these articles as well!


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