My Cannabis Lifestyle

About Me

Keira entered the cannabis industry with one simple goal and that was to educate. After using cannabis to treat her illness late 2015, she had a passion for teaching patients and anyone interested in switching out their pills for pot.

In 2016, Keira collaborated with WeedmapsTv and hosted a cannabis cooking show, “Cooking with Keira”. There she made edibles and infused butters and oils teaching patients, dosing, how to infuse, and special tips. She also had an edible company “Ambrosia Edibles”, delicious infused treats that were low sugar, micro dosed (10-25mg) and occasionally gluten free. Shortly after, she began working on an Educational show, called “The Cannabis Pot”. A platform that focused on education and teaching all there is to know about this miraculous plant.

Since discovering she was pregnant early 2017, Keira immediately looked to cannabis to relieve her nausea, pain, and discomfort and found nothing. No information, limited studies, only black and white answers all without scientific evidence to back their claims. Frustrated and confused, Keira decided to put her pipe down and quit consuming cannabis all together. Instead of dwelling in self pity,  she started a group on Facebook group, “Pregnant and Cannabis” a safe place for mothers, expecting mothers, and for those who are interested in the use of cannabis for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. All my information is gathered via internet or anecdotal.

The consumption of cannabis whilst pregnant is a very controversial topic and surprisingly Keira is not for nor against the use of cannabis for expecting mothers and mothers who breastfeed. She is an advocate for what is safe, backed by science and is overall the best choice for the fetus (or the infant) and the mother.

What Keira wishes to accomplish with her blog and social media is a ‘Movement’. For mothers to feel safe, comfortable and well informed when it comes to using cannabis as their alternative medicine. No one should feel scared for asking a questions, especially if it is with your doctor. Cannabis is a medicine and it’s time we all start treating it as such.

I hope you enjoy my page and my blog, the journey starts here and I am happy to have you walk along side me.