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6 Reasons why Cannabis Can Improve Women’s Health

From the stoner girl, moms, business women alike cannabis has become a long lost companion and is quickly replacing our medicine cabinets with a more natural and enjoyable approach. Here are 6 reasons I believe Cannabis is beneficial for women. Of course men and women both benefit from the use of cannabis, but let’s face it… women have a lot more going on when it comes to our bodies…

  1. Relieves symptoms of anxiety and stress: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Women are twice as likely to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder in comparison to men. Women benefit from the use of cannabis to relieve stress, postpartum depression, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. The effects of cannabis is still unknown in regards to the cannbiniods relations with a fetus or child ,but anecdotal evidence from mother’s pregnant or breastfeeding seem to be more positive than negative.
  2. A slimmer waist line: Despite the common misconception that cannabis makes you lazy or gives you the munchies, researchers have found that frequent cannabis consumers have lower BMIs and smaller waist circumferences (roughly -1.5inches). The cannabiniod THCv promotes weight loss, because it acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  3. Relieves PMS symptoms: That time of the month? Feeling bloated, irritated, cramping, and just all around uncomfortable? Cannabis Actually helps stabilize hormones which will help alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms, whereas over the counter medications treat the symptoms.
  4. Cannabis can help treat and prevent cancer: THC kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth, while activating the body’s cannabiniod receptors that regulate cells lifecycle. Cannabis is also helps patients cope with the pain of chemotherapy and helps reduce nausea and boosts appetite.
  5. Improves exercise: Have you tried exercising while buzzed or high? Cannabis can give you a boost of energy, depending on which strain you select. For example, I like to smoke sativa strain like: Green Crack or Super Lemon Haze and go for a run or lift weights. You feel relaxed and present, a great way to really focus on your work out. make sure to drink plenty of water.
  6. Just Chill: Cannabis helps with stress and anxiety yes, but it also helps you stop and be present. Enjoy life and relax!

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help improved your health and lifestyle. 


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